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Latest Version 2.3.8 released July 9, 2024.

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Create 3d models and environments with tiles. Typically tiles are used from 2d tilemaps to construct flat scenes, but Crocotile 3d adds another dimension. Watch the example videos to see what is possible.
  • Draw and Edit modes to easily add/remove/edit tiles in 3d space.
  • Perspective & Orthographic projection.
  • Export to .obj/.gltf/.glb/.dae and use your creations in other programs or in your game development.
  • Import .fbx/.gltf/.glb/.dae/.obj files from other applications and continue working with them in Crocotile.
  • Place blocks like minecraft!
  • Modify UVs on tiles, adjust tileset sizes.
  • Paint editor tools for creating/modifying your tilesets.
  • Rotate, flip, mirror, reverse faces, verts and UVs.
  • Vertex colors.
  • Lights and Shadows.
  • Animated Tiles / UVs
  • Animation and Movie rendering.
  • (NEW) Skinning and Rigging (Bones and Vertex Weights).
  • Split/cut tiles.
  • Copy/paste tiles.
  • Group tiles into objects/prefabs.
  • Nested Instances.
  • Translate, rotate, and resize tools.
  • Undo/redo any changes.
  • More!

How to Use

If you like the program, please consider making a donation. You contribution will help support the development of the program.
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A registration code is necessary to activate saving and exporting in the Crocotile 3D program (unless you are using the Steam version). You are free to download and use the program without registering to evaluate the product and ensure it works on your system, however, you will not be able to save or export your work until you enter a valid code (or buy on Steam).

Registration code costs $29.99 per person.



*The code will send to this email,
Crocotile3D will require this email entered along with the code.

Purchases are final, and refunds will not be accepted. Download the demo first to test it out!
If you purchase via, you can download your Crocotile activation key from the website following your purchase. Steam:
By Alex Hanson-White